Youth Programs

Jersey Cape has over 25 years of experience and success in youth training as an approved New Jersey Department of Education non-public school training provider.

In School Youth Program

The PREP program provides free, comprehensive educational and employment preparation services to income-eligible Cape May County high school seniors who face barriers to employment. The program serves a wide range of students, including individuals who are basic skills deficient, disabled, or are pregnant or parenting. PREP provides highly individualized case management services and support through a collaborative effort with our community partners. Through the PREP program, we strive to help youth complete high school, make informed career choices, and develop the job skills essential to achieve rewarding, enjoyable careers.

Out of School Youth Program

The ODOSY program offers free assistance to Cape May County youths, age 16 to 24, who have dropped out of school or have a high school diploma but are unemployed or underemployed. ODOSY will assist these individuals in attaining a High School Equivalency diploma if necessary, entering postsecondary education and/or securing employment. ODOSY services are highly individualized. Program staff works closely with each youth to find out what they would like to achieve then helps them to develop a plan to reach their goals.

Probation Pathways Youth Program

The PPAY program provides individualized case management services to Cape May County youth aged 14 to 21 who have been disposed through the Juvenile Court system and are under Probation supervision. Since many of the youth who come in contact with the juvenile justice system have experienced academic failure, disengagement from school, and/or school disciplinary problems, PPAY’s focus is on providing counseling and motivational activities designed to assist juveniles increase school attendance, enhance academic achievement, and develop the skills needed to secure and retain employment.

Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS)

Counselors empower youth with disabilities to achieve their highest employment potential. Available to youth between the ages of 14 and 21 who are currently enrolled in school and are receiving services through IEP or 504 plan.

Hospitality Education Leading to Local Opportunities (HELLO)

A National Recognized Hospitality Credential offers youth the opportunity to explore various industry-related professions and obtain credentials in areas of local demand. Youth will earn the Certified Guest Service Professional credential AND one of the following credentials of their choosing: Certified Front Desk Representative, Certified Restaurant Server, Certified Kitchen Cook, Certified Breakfast Attendant, Certified Guestroom Attendant, or Certified Maintenance Employee. Available to youth between the ages of 16 and 24 with or without their High School Diploma.



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