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Transitional Employment

If you're disabled, you can still earn a steady paycheck. We provide vocational rehabilitation services that are safe, structured, and purposeful to individuals with disabilities who need assistance in finding and sustaining employment. This includes training of job task performance, employment related soft skills, and counseling on the various barriers that an individual with a disability may face. Through a comprehensive career counseling and transitional employment service, we provide a work training environment that mirrors the career opportunities of our community and serves as an intermediate step towards helping individuals secure their ideal employment outcomes. Transportation is available and accommodations are highly flexible. We proudly help advance opportunities for a livable wage in community employment throughout the Jersey Cape region.

“Four years ago, I didn’t think I would ever be in a position where I felt confident enough to want to branch out and work in the community, but once I finally decided I wanted to, my counselor was able to help me find my desired job in 6 weeks. Having the opportunity to get out of the workshop and be able to give back to my community is a blessing, especially knowing that I have the support of the staff and my peers from Jersey Cape. For anyone who doesn’t think they can be successful in getting a job, think again." (actual quote from one of our participants)

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